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    Jean Omari

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  1. Too.fucking.prideful.


    I’m not chasing a nigga. If I’m taking initiative and you’re dry as fuck I’m not hunting down your feelings for me. Fuck your feelings.

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    For Colored Girls co-stars Kerry Washington and Thandie Newton

    Pretty ladies

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  2. Gm everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed this morning’s reposts. Meet one of my fav IGs and many #haircrushes @naturallycherrell. She not only keeps me laughing with her posts but she is definitely one of my #Hair-spirations lol #follow her you guys. You won’t be disappointed. :)

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  5. Just lazy. Lol I slick want one tho. #repost

  6. Yes! Lol I hate when that happens. #repost from @naturallycherrell